Getting Started


I am not a preferred provider for any insurance company and I do not bill insurance. Many insurance companies will allow subscribers to submit their out-of-pocket payments for insurance reimbursement. If you want to check in advance and see if your insurance company provides coverage for therapy with an out-of-network provider, here are a few of the procedure codes they will need to know:

Diagnostic evaluation: 90791
Individual session: 90837
Parent session (without patient present): 90846

Note: Telehealth services are designated with a “modifier” to the codes above. For most insurance companies, this modifier is “-95.” For example, individual therapy is billed as 90837-95. If you are speaking to your insurance provider to understand your benefits and are interested in telehealth services, mention that the service will be delivered by telehealth. Also note that many insurance providers make temporary exceptions to reimbursement rates. Your reimbursement benefits may change. I provide Good Faith Estimates of anticipated out-of-pocket costs of services.

Client portal

I use a HIPPA-compliant electronic medical record. Prior to your first appointment I will have you sign my consent forms and complete some demographic information. This will let us maximize our time together.

The client portal is also where you can retrieve your receipts to submit for insurance reimbursement, should you elect to do so.

My office

My office is located on Lake Bellevue. There is ample parking in a free lot and a waiting room upon entering Suite 250. I’ll welcome you back into my office when I’m ready to greet you.

First appointment (information gathering)

The first appointment is a 90-120 minute information sharing session. I’ll ask many questions to understand your concerns and what might account for them. I’ll share how I would approach treatment and if I’m qualified to do so. Your task will be to determine if I’m the right provider and if I’m offering the best treatment option for you, which only you can know!

If your child is 12 or under, this appointment is “grown-ups only.” If your child is 13+, we can divide this time with some portion all together (at minimum to discuss how we will address confidentiality and concerns of safety) and some portion with me meeting individually with the teen. For college-age folks, parents are welcome to participate in the first appointment as you’d like them to do so.   

Second appointment and beyond

After the information gathering appointments, appointments are typically 50 minutes and scheduled weekly. I ask clients to strive for roughly weekly sessions in first two months to build gains and inertia. How long a person remains in my practice after that varies on their goals and concerns. My goal is to graduate people or reduce the frequency of sessions as quickly as the person is ready.